Betty + John

April 17th-20th, 2015 | La Jolla, California

How we met. As told by Betty...

January 2006-

A friend that I had grown up with and had worked with at the pool since high school had suggested that I meet his younger brother and friends since I was closer in age to them than him. A couple weeks later, a friend’s sister was celebrating her birthday in Pioneer Square and that’s when I had gotten introduced to John. Later that night, John approached me with a bucket of Coronas and offered to trade me the Coronas to go home with him. Needless to say, I didn’t take the Coronas.

Summer 2006-

After that night, I had become good friends with John and his friends, and that summer, we spent almost every weekend together as a group on the lake boating, camping or hitting the Seattle clubs. At the end of the summer, John and his roommates hosted a party at their place where at the end of the night, John tricked me into kissing him and then told me he liked me. I immediately freaked out, of course, and seeked advice from a mutual friend. Thankfully, he calmed me down and John and I began dating.

October 14th, 2006-

John asked me to be his girlfriend!!


8 years in your 20’s is a long time to spend with someone, and I am grateful every day that John and I got the chance to grow up together.  In these 8 years, John started a business that continues to thrive today and was elected to sit on the board of the Tire Industry Association amongst members that had spent a lifetime in the industry! He got me a puppy, Deohgee, who is her brother Putch’s constant shadow. He is her favorite person in the world. He probably tolerates her. They are our kids whom we love spending lazy Saturday mornings in bed with. John supported my decision to go back to school and always listened to my exciting stories or complaints from work. He also always puts out a vitamin every morning, because he knows I won't take it otherwise. We've also spent a lot of time trying to beat Mario Cart, hosting poker parties, snowboarding and trying to eat at every amazing restaurant in Seattle on our progressive dinner nights. We've met a lot of incredible people whom we are lucky to call our friends. We've also traveled A LOT together which leads me to…

March 31st, 2013-

We had planned for several years a big trip to New Zealand for the Spring of 2013. I had already been traveling almost every other week for work that winter and then found out that I would be going to India for work. We decided to put off New Zealand until the following year and instead, for John to meet me in India towards the end of my work week so we could see India together. From Chennai in Southern India, we flew up to New Delhi and then had a driver take us up to Agra to see the Taj Mahal as well as some other sites in the area. We were supposed to go see a Fort in the morning, and then the Taj in the afternoon/early evening which I had been excited for since we had heard that the best time to see the TaJ Mahal was at sunset due to the light coming through the marble. For some reason, the guide picked us up and took us straight to the Taj Mahal. It was INCREDIBLE. After seeing the actual site, we walked around the gardens a bit. The guide had given us 2 hours, and at the end of the 2 hours, John asked him if we could stay another 2 hours.  I kept telling him that we didn’t need to stay for the sunset, but he kept insisting. We walked around the grounds, sat and people watched. When the sun started to set, John told me that he wanted to get a picture of us with the Taj Mahal in the background, and had me stand so he could see me in the frame while he set up the camera and timer. He ran back to stand next to me, smiled… and nothing happened. He ran back to set it up, then ran back, put his arm around me and smiled again… and again, nothing happened… and when I turned to him to say something, he dropped down on one knee, said a lot of really sweet things, and then asked me to marry him!!

As told by John. The true story...

Let me start by saying how amazing it has been being with Betty over the last 8 or so years. Betty and I became friends and started dating in our early twenties. Betty was in her party phase of life, fresh out of college, going out every weekend and just enjoying life. I was also in a similar stage, although like I tend to do with most of the things in my life I took the party/go crazy stage of my life to another level. All of the friends and family that knew us around that time know what I am taking about… 
There are a lot of things that Betty and I agree on. As far as the story of how we got together and started dating, there is some disagreement. Like most things in history there are two different sides to every story. Here is the true story….

January 2006-

We did indeed get introduced through a mutual friend but that is where the agreement ends... I actually remember the first time I saw Betty. We were at a friend’s house walking up the driveway before going out. She must not have noticed me, but I definitely noticed her. Like we did in those days, we were there to do a little Pre-Funking before going out (For the older readers - John’s WIKI definition of Pre-Funking – Drinking at home before going out. Bars are expensive!). After a few beers and one or two Polish-Bombs we were on our way out. Fast forward in the night, we ended up at a piano bar and yes I did have a bucket of Corona’s. There’s one very important thing to remember here, back in those days Betty and I were both single. Being the enterprising young single man that I was I knew the value of having a bucket of 6 beers in a bar full of single women. Knowing that, I approached Betty with my buck of beers and told her that she was a very pretty young lady, maybe not in those exact words but you get the idea. I am sure I then led with a great pickup line like this. 

John –“Did it hurt?” 
Betty- “Did what hurt?”
John- “When you fell from heaven?”
Betty- “You are soooo handsome and funny.”

After leading with such a smooth line and making her weak in the knees I then asked “You should come over after we leave this classy establishment. My friends and I like to spend our evenings reading bible verses and singing around a camp fire.” I could tell that singing made her nervous so I offered her ONE Corona to ease her nerves. Betty doesn't really like to sing so she politely declined and I was off to find a girl who liked singing with the 5 Corona’s I had remaining. 

Summer 2006-

As 2006 progressed my friends and I spent more and more time with Betty and her friends. Finally the weather got nice and the summer fun began! We spent a lot of time together camping, riding my motorcycles, going out to the bars and of course out on a friends boat (Thanks Nick!). If you know me at all you know that I hate people who don’t do what they say that they’re going to do. As our friendship progressed I noticed something that I love about Betty. When she said she was going to come out with us she would show up (a rare thing to find these days). Mostly on Asian time (10 minute late) but she was always there when she said she would be. Because of that, Betty and her friend Bri got invited out with us to nearly everything we did. 

As the summer progressed and our relationship grew, we spent more and more time together until that faithful night! Towards the end of the summer my friends and I decided to have an epic party, a party that everyone would remember. So, as we did back in those days, we told everyone we knew and sent out My Space invitations. All we told everyone was that they needed to be there by 9pm for a special surprise. Fast forward to the party and our special surprise, a Slip N Slide off of our roof into an 8” deep kiddy pool in the backyard. I know what you are thinking, that’s crazy. Don’t worry, we rolled a tire off of the roof to test where we would land and all of us were lifeguards. That way there would be plenty of people around to give mouth-to-mouth if someone began to drown. Like it usually happens when I enjoy too many libations, I lost my clothes and decided to do the Slip N Slide in my birthday suit. Well, when Betty saw this she was convinced that I was the one for her. Later in the night after the excitement from the Slip N Slide ended I told Betty how important she was to me and how much I appreciate her friendship. Immediately she asked if I would kiss her. I replied “Only on the cheek, I don’t want to move too fast”. She agreed and when I reached in to give her a kiss on the cheek she turned her head so my kiss would land on her lips. I was shocked that she would be so forward. After that she immediately ran off to tell one of our friends how lucky she was to have landed a kiss from me. The next morning we began dating….  

October 14th 2006-

Betty tricks me into being her boyfriend. This is easily summed up with our short conversation. Please keep in mind that after we started dating we were pretty much inseparable. 

Betty – “We've been dating for a while now and we are always together. What would change if we were exclusive?”
John- “Nothing I guess”
Betty- “Good, buy me a dozen roses and we will be girlfriend and boyfriend”
John- “Ahhh, Ummm, Okay”

You see, tricks!


One of Betty’s best qualities is how patient she is. Not once throughout our entire relationship did she ever pressure me towards getting married (also a rare quality). She would only say “All I need to know is that this is leading somewhere”. She took the pressure off of the relationship allowing the both of us to grow into the people we are today. I've learned a great deal spending so much time with Betty over the last several years. Among many other things Betty’s taught me what Basil is, that there are other countries outside of the United States and that I love to snowboard with her. Because Betty taught me about countries besides the United States we found ourselves in India towards the end of March 2013…

March 31st, 2013-


To sum it up...

Through the insanity of our early twenties to the stability of our now early thirties (well at least for Betty, I am still 25) Betty has always been there for me. No matter how crazy an idea I have or bonehead of a move I make, she is there and supportive. I cannot think of a person more perfect for me. I often get asked “How did you get Betty”, to be honest I don’t know for sure but I have a guess. We are two driven people with the same values and desires in life even though we have completely opposite personalities. Betty is quiet and reserved where I am loud and obnoxious. I like to sum it up like this. She calms me down and I add excitement to her life (For you Phycology nerds, I am a high D and Betty's is a high S). In my opinion we are the perfect combination and I can’t think of a more perfect person to spend the rest of my life with.

I love you Picks!